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For a hedge fund index to serve as a valuable benchmark, 
the provider and index must satisfy the following:


Partnership with both hedge fund managers and allocators


Representative set of funds institutional investors care about


Industry classification governed by expertise and domain knowledge


Active monitoring, statistical control, systematic methodology, transparency to ensure institutional quality fund data

Result: Valuable Hedge Fund Indices enable investors to not only know their full set of options, but have the transparency to evaluate, benchmark, and monitor their hedge funds in the right context.

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Performance history for the following indices is available on Bloomberg: PivotalPath Hedge Fund Composite Index (P2HFCI), PivotalPath Credit Index (P2CRDI), PivotalPath Equity Diversified Index (P2EQDI), PivotalPath Equity Quant Index (P2QNTI), PivotalPath Equity Sector Index (P2EQSI), PivotalPath Event Driven Index (P2EVDI), PivotalPath Global Macro Index (P2GBMI), PivotalPath Managed Futures Index (P2MFTI), PivotalPath Multi-Strategy Index (P2MSTI) & PivotalPath Volatility Trading Index (P2VOLI).

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