Empowering Investors with
Actionable Data and Insights


PivotalPath is a leading hedge fund research and intelligence organization built by a team of experienced alternative investment professionals and fintech developers. By empowering hedge fund allocators and managers with better data, indices and intelligence, PivotalPath is transforming the $3+ trillion hedge fund industry globally.

The result? Better investments by better investors. 


Better Data

Managers trust us and view us as an integral part of the investment ecosystem. We filter and disseminate the right information to the right investors.


Better Indices

With better fund data, investors use our transparent indices to make more meaningful comparisons across funds.


Better Intelligence

We empower investors to make data-driven decisions by quantifying the qualitative and qualifying the quantitative.


Better Results

Investors leverage our predictive intelligence and tools to capitalize on opportunities, improve efficiency and make better decisions.

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Board of Directors

Leadership is supported by a global network of sophisticated investors, academics and highly experienced C-level executives.


Board of Advisors


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