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PivotalPath integrates a global network of human source intelligence and quantitative expertise to offer hedge fund investors forward-looking insights.

What We Do


We work with pensions, endowments, foundations, RIAs and single family offices to identify critical information and valuable insights in a way that has never before been available to them.

How it works

  1. In addition to providing intel and nuanced perspectives, PivotalPath’s intelligence network crossvalidates our primary research and due diligence with our independent and unique perspective.
  2. PivotalPath’s research process has strong multi-disciplinary academic underpinnings.
  3. Fund information is institutionalized on the platform ensuring consistency and accountability
  4. Incorporating Bayesian principles, prospect theory, and natural language processing, we help our clients visualize, understand and dynamically monitor their investment risks.
  5. Evaluate “quality of performance” and the likelihood it persists, rather than focusing on backward-looking explanatory statistics.
  6. The output is PivotalBase, which provides allocators access to real-time hedge fund information and proprietary indicators so investors can spot opportunities, identify elevated risks and, most importantly, tell the difference between the two.
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