How it works

  1. Of approximately 10,000 hedge funds around the world, only a small percentage warrant the attention of institutional investors – PivotalPath helps you find them
  2. PivotalPath’s seasoned analyst team, averaging more than a decade of direct hedge fund due diligence experience, leverages a rigorous 20-step research process
  3. Fund information is institutionalized on the platform ensuring consistency and accountability
  4. Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative analysis allows us to deliver a unified and objective viewpoint to our clients
  5. The output is a comprehensive report, associated scores and a set of tools to navigate it all
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Invest Intelligently

In contrast with the archetypal consultant model focused on recent performance and backtesting, PivotalPath gathers intelligence on a fund team’s collective judgement and investment process to offer forward-looking insights surrounding risks and opportunities.

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