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Powering The Decisions Of Hedge Fund Allocators

Enabling investment decisions backed by data – PivotalPath is passionate about providing accurate hedge fund information and performance analysis tools. We are always focused on building better data and analyzing trends in hedge fund performance. We continuously build apps as the means for structured and organized ways of gaining insights into the hedge fund industry.

PivotalPath tracks and analyses


Institutional-Quality Hedge Fund Peers


Global Fund Assets


Hedge Fund Indices


Comprehensive data, robust analytics, and truly representative benchmarks – PivotalPath’s research offering includes a suite of apps to facilitate individual manager research which include industry and custom benchmarking tools, a dedicated Index platform and customized research solutions.

By providing qualitative and quantitative information on individual managers, tools to analyze fund performance, and accurate industry benchmarks, we help our clients answer their most complex questions and empower the full cycle of hedge fund investment due diligence.


Our combined decades of expertise and solution-driven methodology shape our portfolio of industry-leading products. PivotalPath’s research portal caters to institutional investors by offering:

  • A hedge fund research platform delivering meticulous fund performance data and in-depth qualitative research.
  • An analytics platform for precise industry benchmarking and customizable benchmarking options.
  • A hedge fund index platform facilitating sector index analysis.
  • Tailored research solutions, providing personalized advice and solutions by harnessing our existing products and capabilities to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Gain access to our industry research and insights, providing you with a deep understanding of the hedge fund landscape.

Hedge Fund Investors leverage our platform for valuable context

Our product offerings stem from of our own research process. We created customizable peer groups that reflect our domain knowledge of various hedge fund industry sectors. Our clients find them useful too.

Interested in actionable hedge fund data and industry–leading research?