What the Next Decade for Hedge Funds Could Look Like

It might not be a return to the glory days before the global financial crisis, but the next decade for hedge funds is looking relatively rosy.

Hedge fund research firm PivotalPath argues that a combination of better performance and an investor base with realistic expectations about what hedge funds can deliver is creating conditions for a thriving hedge fund industry over the next five to 10 years. 

PivotalPath’s composite index, which includes all of the hedge fund strategies the firm tracks, was up 11.3 percent in 2020, its best year since 2013. Performance for the rolling one-year period ending March 2021 was approximately 26 percent, ranking in the top three performance records going back to January of 1998.

Read more insight from Jon Caplis, CEO of PivotalPath as he explains why the future is bright for Hedge Funds.


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