Hedge Funds Held on to Pandemic Losers, and Now It’s Paying Off

When the#COVID19 pandemic struck, it seemed like those who were invested in hotels, casinos, cruise lines, restaurant chains and theme park stocks were headed for spectacular losses. But the#hedgefunds who held on to these “social distance losers” saw substantial gains as the Pandemic subsided.

Happy to share our latest research withHema Parmar ofBloomberg LP, where we looked into the significant gains these companies realized, based on well-founded expectations that consumers would frequent these companies again once the pandemic receded. As our CEOJon Caplis noted, “Despite popular belief that hedge funds all made money shifting into tech and remote-environment stocks, most hedge funds actually made money because they stayed in the beaten-down names, or they ramped up those investments.”

Check out the full article below!#investing#data#research


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