Equity Hedge Funds Start Strong Despite Meme Challenges

Have the headline-grabbing#memestocks strongly affected equity#hedgefund performance?


Our CEOJon Caplis recently sat down withLydia Tomkiw ofFundFire to share some additional#data and perspectives. In short, “there has been a reversal on who was lagging and who was leading,” with respect to several sub-sectors that posted strong performance in 2020. As we noted at @PivotalPath, the U.S. long/short index posted returns of 10.6% in May, with equity sector energy up 10.7%, equity sector financials up 16.3%, and U.S. long/short activist strategies up 18.2%. Conversely, our healthcare and technology, media, and telecom (TMT) indices, which were two of the top performers in 2020, are flat thus far in 2021.


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