Pivotal Point of View – August 2019



  • The best performing strategies in August were Managed Futures, Volatility Trading and Global Macro. Managed Futures also continued to top our monthly alpha rankings, standing out from all other strategies by a margin of almost 6%.

  • Speaking of Managed Futures, PivotalPath’s CEO Jon Caplis recently sat down with Institutional Investor to discuss the single variable driving much of this strategy’s performance: interest rates. We’ll be keeping on eye on Managed Futures returns following the Fed’s September 18th announcement regarding a further cut to the fed funds rate.

  • In addition to the high-level indices discussed above, PivotalPath tracks 40+ unique hedge fund strategies. At the sub-strategy level, Technology/Media/Telecom is up the most YTD, clocking in at 15%. PivotalPath Research is looking into the drivers of this outperformance. Simply put, it looks like SaaS is the new FAANG. Stay tuned for an in-depth study on this topic coming out later this month!

For access to performance data, our proprietary alpha rankings and additional commentary, please download the full report.


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