how are you different? 


How many times have you been asked “who are your competitors?” and “how are you different from the competition?”

PivotalPath’s Hedge Fund Scorecard provides managers with the information needed to answer those questions thoughtfully and accurately - information that cannot be found anywhere else.

PivotalPath’s Hedge Fund Scorecard platform features predictive ratings, meaningful macro insights and transparent benchmarks. The Scorecard is derived from the firm’s customized research on 1,800+ hedge funds across 40+ sub-strategy peer groups, representing over $2 trillion of global hedge fund assets. PivotalPath preserves each manager’s anonymity while providing full transparency into the firm’s proprietary ratings methodology.



Marketing and IR Professionals use Scorecards to see what allocators see. 

Visualize and understand how your fund and strategy peers are evaluated by $75B+ of our clients’ hedge fund capital, including leading endowments, foundations, pensions, RIAs, single and multi-family offices.

Leverage PivotalPath’s ratings and indicators to articulate your fund’s value proposition and competitive advantages to prospective investors and improve communication with existing ones.



Portfolio and Risk Managers use Scorecards to see where they stand in the crowd.  

Identify peer and industry crowding in factors to more accurately price market reversal risks.

Recognize spikes in strategy level and systemic risks utilizing our proprietary Risk Dispersion Indicator, months ahead of time series models.

Evaluate track records of existing PMs  and potential new hires within a meaningful peer distribution.