How do you make money?


For hedge fund allocators, that can be a hard question to answer. How can you be confident you made a good decision when you don’t even know all the choices?

Databases are flawed because many institutional-quality managers see little benefit in providing them their data. Any index created from this data is incomplete and often misleading. Consultants offer a concentrated set of funds that scale across their client base and use those same flawed indices as benchmarks for their own performance. Flawed data leads to flawed analysis.

We decided to do something about it.


By combining high-quality data with innovative technology, we built PivotalBase, a research platform to do it all. Clients use the firm’s predictive PivotalRating System, comprised of Alpha, Drawdown and Momentum Scores, to evaluate hedge fund allocations with a higher degree of conviction. Structured, timestamped manager meeting notes and insightful industry commentary provide invaluable context to PivotalPath’s sophisticated client base.


AUM Breakout of Hedge Funds on PivotalBase



PivotalBase evaluates investments from an allocator’s perspective, providing research and predictive ratings across 1,800+ hedge fund managers, a suite of transparent, high-quality indices, proprietary indicators, manager meeting notes and customizable analytics to put it all together.